The Story

Thanks for dropping by! My name is Sinéad Donnegan and I am the artist behind As both an American and Irish citizen, I have a strong understanding of the affinity of the Irish diaspora to their ancestral home. I was born and raised until my early teens in Dublin, Ireland. I then emigrated to the United States, living in New York and Boston for half of my life, and also back in Ireland in my mid 20s where I completed a B.A. in Business Marketing. While living in the U.S., I’ve lost count of the number of times people immediately warmed to me upon realizing I was Irish.  I think, as the Irish are one of the largest ethnicities in the U.S., many people have family ties and feel a strong sense of their Irish heritage.

Being based in the vibrant city of New York, some of my best memories were often of afternoon visits to many of the free art museums throughout the city. Feeling inspired, I decided to return to college part time at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) and pursued a B.A. in Graphic Design. With an alumni list that includes Donna Karen, Calvin Klein, Vera Wang, and Marc Jacobs, I was confident I was in the right place to hone my skills. What began as an interest later became a love after I started acquiring the skills and learning how to work the tools. I am very passionate about what I do, at times it can be all consuming!  I consider design to be a form of art that offers beauty, visual richness, and makes the world more pleasant to be in. My computer skills empower me to make beautiful things around me on a scale that could never have been done in the past.

With my skills, I attempt to pay homage to the saints and scholars of Ireland’s ancient past, namely the monks and scribes who created the illuminated manuscripts of Ireland’s “Golden Age,” which spanned the sixth to ninth centuries A.D.  These devoted individuals created and copied many of Europe’s greatest treasures in the form of manuscripts to include the Book of Kells, arguably the most famous medieval manuscript of the Middle Ages. In 2015, I returned to live in Ireland and settled in County Wicklow (just south of Dublin) commonly referred to as “The Garden of Ireland” and with good reason! With its magnificent patchwork landscape of hills, mountains, cliffs, hidden lakes, and historic attractions, including century-old manor homes, along with Glendalough, one of the most famous monastic sites of the sixth century, I knew I was home!